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Found this last week... Need help with age and possible value Marked Roloff

Found this little cutie in my wanderings last week. It's approximately 7" wide and 8" high with the lid on. It features gilded flowers and trim. The only flaw I found appears in the third photo: it appears as a white line in one flower petal. It's marked on the bottom "Roloff" with a couple of German words I can't read. It also has 2 1248 92 printed on the bottom, as well as an incised 712 under the glaze. Not even sure what purpose this piece would serve. Any age or valuation is greatly appreciated.

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Roloff Deutsche Wertarbeit along with hand painted is on the bottom its actually made by August Roloff and the items are usually from the 1920's to the 1950's (at least i haven't seen any other items from any other eras so far) also almost every piece i seen has had the gold on it like this one .. there are many purposes that these are sold for (to hold cream, ginger , trinkets and more) just depends on the buyer .. that is as much as i can tell you 

Thank you! Appreciate the information!

I think I found the same piece with different colors.  I tried to have the page translated, but it only went so far.  Obviously from the 1920-1930s.

Related image

Thank you! You found more than I did! 


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