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The doll had a sticker price of $.25 cents. It has to be worth at least $.25 cents.

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Hi MIke

Love your estimate...

I'm afraid I don't have anything real to offer you in the way of information, I've looked into some doll makers in the past for some other dolls people have shown, without there being a specific makers mark, or a known style of doll body/face in use, I have nothing to go by. That said, your doll may have a known style of either face/body/both, but I just don't know it.

Hopefully, there will be a person with more knowledge of doll work here that can be real assistance to you.

All the best


Millions of stuffed dolls have been made by people over the ages.  The patina on your doll says it's been loved, played with and become dirty. The plaid outfit looks like a shirt from Howdy Doody era, circa 1940s-60s. I agree with your appraisal, it's worth at least two bits. Nice Find.

Does your doll have a celluloid face and cloth body?  If you use those terms and google it, there are a variety of dolls.  I couldn't find your exact one, but some very similar ones, such as:

Thanks guys for all the information on the doll.


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