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Hello again!

I need help again.  I found these Fontanini figurines and am trying to research them with not much luck.  I believe they are Gallant and his lady.

The only other I have found was on Gumtree and they were selling for $235.00.


Both have the Depose Italy with spider mark which I believe was started around 1966.  She has the number 77 & he the number 78.  With the base, they are about 7 1/2" high.

I want to sell them, but have nothing to establish a price other than what I found on Gumtree.

Any input would be very much appreciated!

Also, any suggestions on cleaning these?  I got a lot of the dirt off, but there is still quit a bit in the nooks and crannies.  With the delicate mirror and glasses, I am afraid of breaking them off!


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On Google, Images, I found 5 figurines on black marble, not exactly your pair, but all were depose, Italy.

1 dutch girl didn't sell at $6.99

1 cowboy (kid) didn't sell at $19.99

1 couple sold on Etsy, price hidden

1 couple similar to yours, Link:


I think yours will probably sell for around $65-100. USD.  Am not familiar with "Gumtree" but think the price is too high. 100s of fontaninis for sale, not many buyers.


Gumtree is a site I found when I did a search for Fontanini victorian couple figurines.  I believe it is a site in Australia.??

I also think the price on the ones on Gumtree is high, but that is the only of this kind that I was able to find.  Yes, I have also seen a lot of the others.  There are a lot of clowns and angels.

From what I understand, depose is a term used meaning registered maker.  It was used mostly in France, Germany and Italy.  At first, I thought depose was a maker, or place in Italy.

The black base is a Carrara marble from Italy.  The spider mark is something used by the manufacturer because there were a lot of fakes being made, so, they implemented the mark.  This is my limited knowledge on these.

I would hope that with there not being many of this particular figurine, they would be more desirable and fetch more than the more common ones.


You are going to find it difficult to sell these pieces. There are loyal Fontanini collectors out there but they are only a handful. Asking prices posted on the internet are wildly out of kilter with the reality of value. One of the problems is the fact that these are not porcelain pieces. They are made of plastic resin. Plastic has a tendency to break down and become brittle over time. They must be kept out of direct sunlight and away from heat. Fontanini  figurines are well crafted and beautifully painted but they are still viewed by true figurine collectors as merely "plastic models".


Thank you for the information.  That is pretty much what I had expected from what research I had done.  Although I don't find others like mine, there isn't a large market for them.

There seems to be quit a large amount of them for sale but not many takers. 

Do you know of a good way to clean them up better?  I would like to try them looking a bit better than they do.

Thanks again!


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