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Please can someone tell me about this item? 28" long from tip to toe. TY :)

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Brilliant! Thank you so much :)

Has the shape of an ancient Japanese fly swatter. Could be a new remake; no way to tell age. The old ones were made of horsehair and bamboo. Similar sell for $20-30.00 USD.

correction; not called a "fly swatter", rather a fly whisk. https://www.google.com/search?q=fly+whisk+japanese+antique&clie...

I believe its purpose was more of a broom than a swatter, as many of the fly whisks were usually made of horse hair (or other malleable material) in order to produce a "whip" motion.  The fly whisks also seem to be crafted many times with the whisk in the center of the pole.   But anything is possible.

Look at Vietnamese straw brooms, for example.

Thanks for putting me on the right track, Tom :)

The brown fabric in your item could be Yak hair which is same color, and can be dyed, instead of horse hair. Depends what is available I suppose.

This is my Japanese goddess holding a "fly whisk". Posted in 2011. She's an egg-shaped, hollow and pierced porcelain object d'art, circa 1900-1910. Antiques Roadshow dated and appraised her for $100-150. about 10 years ago (at Boise, ID A/R show).

Thank you :)


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