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Hi there, can someone help ID these blue and white wall plates. I've searched the internet & books, but can find the exact patterns.

Both are approx 12 inch in diameter and both have wire on the back for hanging.

I'd like to know the maker and pattern.  

Any info is appreciated.

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Nice looking plates, not actually 'flow' blue since there is no bleed evident from the pattern(a '2nd' or factory blemish). They look unmarked so antique <1895 or not-for-export. Unusual shape on the blanks also, Victorian influenced?

Thanks House of Charm

I agree, the blue has not bled into the white enough to be actual flow blue. They are also truly for display and not dinnerware. However I can't find any info as to who made them and the pattern design.

Thanks Molly,

Yes, I saw this one listing and description for one of my plates but I'm not sure it's accurate but since I've not been able to find anything else. In fact it was this listing that made me name mine also flow blue. I've since changed this topic to read 'Blue and white' plates.

Again, just to be anal, many of these 'flow blue' listings are not 'flowing' so are 1st quality blue/white ware. Flow blue is a factory second and more rare thus more $$ usually. The blue must have bled into the white to be flow blue. I think they list them as 'flow' to get more search hits.

I have to agree with House of Charm that they are technically not flow blue. I would even venture to say that they are probably not marked because they are fairly new (perhaps 1960s-present).

LB the other thing I just noticed about these plates is that each place where there's an image, it appears that an applique or something is still in place under the glaze. Not sure if this is true of more intense flow blue wares or not.  It's still baffles me to know more about these plate because they are absolutely beautiful. thanks again for comments

Live an learn-apparently 'flow' blue was a deliberate effect, adding lime to the mix:

yes, I've been to this website too (lol) ... before posting on this site. I've been trying to also match the scalloped edge up to something else online hoping to find the maker, still coming up blank. I saw a description that said Hollywood Regency. Still researching.


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