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Does any one know anything about this item. I found at our family's farm, where over 4 generations were born, raised and reside and threw nothing away! I have found a reference of it on line, but the faces in mine are much more rounded than the ones I have found on line. Also my markers mark is in red not green like the one I found online. I'm curious as to the year of this piece as well. It was framed in the frame shown in pictures but one of the nails holding it was loose and came out. Any info would be much appreciated.

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I notice that yours is missing the cross by the young child on the side, and perhaps the hint of a halo around his head.  Firenze is Florence, Italy.  I looked at some of the others and there is obvious differences, like from the one in the UK Trust, etc.  However, I think further digging is in order to determine the age.  

Raphael created the original.

Hi Molly, I thought it would be odd that the cross would be missing so photoshop enhanced the details that are there, the cross is not missing, merely lost in the darkness and slight haze that this piece has, once enhanced I could even more clearly see the halo around the head of Madonna.

It is a hand painted copy of MADONNA DELLA SEGGIOLA by Raphael, c. 1514, as opposed to a printed copy adhered to the piece, as so many similar items made today are.

The value does vary greatly and seems dependent on several factors, quality of the painting and frame being high amongst them of course.

Here's another I found on Rubylane (price not shown)


This one on eBay for US $810


This one (with a slightly different frame) on www.1stdibs.com for AUD $2,634.37

19th Century Porcelain Plaque "Madonna Della Sedia" Florentine Frame 1Another found on Rubylane for US $695


Thank you!

There are quite a few of these online for sale. Prices seem to be all over the place. But here is an online antique store, that has nearly exact to yours:


Thank you

Thank You!

The symbol on the backside is the Giglio or Lily of Florence and is the city’s official seal. It also denotes that the piece was purchased at the Uffizi Palace which is now known as the Florence Museum. The Museum commissions artists to recreate works of art. It probably dates from the 1950’s or 60’s.

Thank you for the information very helpful :)

Very cool, never even thought of it having been created as a museum gift piece, even so, these do sell quite well for good $, if still in good condition.

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