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There aren't any markings but someone told me these are Fireking refrigerator dishes. Not sure of the year, or anything else about them. Maybe someone here can help. They belonged to my grandmother. The three in the set are in what I would call pristine condition. No chips or blemishes anywhere on the lids or containers. Price?

Not Pyrex (they make Fire King). They're Hocking Glass Co. Value around $6-8-10 each. +5 more for the set.

These are Aqua Pyrex "Fridgies"

Aqua Pyrex fridgies

And finally, these Fire King Jadeite dishes.  This is a set of 6 was selling for $195.

Image result for green glass fire king dishes

Then I found these...

Related image

This is described as a clear dish with lid selling for $15.

Vintage Clear Ribbed Small Refrigerator Dish w Lid - Product Image

Fire King *JADEITE JANE RAY/RIBBED *5 1/4" REFRIGERATOR BOWL w/GLASS LID*SO the names are Anchor Hocking, Fire King, Jane Ray, Hazel Atlas...but the ribbed lid, as opposed to the "colonial" lid seem harder to locate.  The prices were not all available on these items I have posted, but I think you get the idea.

Plus, the Jadeite, Jade-ite, Jadite, whichever, seems to be very desirable.

Thanks, that's a little bit more info but still a bit nebulous. I'll keep searching

Jade-ite Restaurant Ware is most popular among some collectors. It is a creamy jade color. Martha Stewart popularized this pattern by using it on her TV show. In 2000 Fire-King was re-released by Anchor Hocking in Jade-ite. The pieces have been made from new molds and are not the same as the older Fire-King items. They are also stamped "Fire-King, 2000."

Chris, did you see my Reply above, on Monday?  My source was Gene Florence, Kitchen glassware, Third Edition (1987).ISBN 0-89145-342-3.

I have a lot of Depression glass. It only makes me depressed when I find out how much it is worth. Nah, just kidding. The Martha Stewart answer is right. I remember when this jadite fad was popular.  

Bill. according to Molly's "Martha Stewart" remark, she says the new pattern is stamped "Fire-king 2000" on the bottom.

You said there are no markings on yours, yet you agree that MS is right. 

Can't be both ways.

Are yours marked Fire-King 2000 on the bottom?

There are no markings on mine whatsoever


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