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I'm new here and have little experience with antiques but found this site hoping to get an idea of what this dishware is.   It came out of a 60's era house and in truth, looks more cute than expensive.   Fun stuff though!

I took the best pic I could of the bottom-of-the-plate logo... afaict, it's an H with an A in between the bottom legs.   The bottom of the cup only has B-1 on it. 

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Hmmm, I didn't get the logo pic on there somehow...

I forgot to add that the "set" includes 4 plates and cups though the others are blue rather than pink as pictured.

Welcome to the group.

Hazel Atlas Crinoline Ruffle

Here is a set of it being offered on eBay for a starting bid of US$100

Thanks Michael!     I tried looking it up by the symbol on the bottom, but I realize I don't know the terminology.   Logo? Trademark? Manufacturer's stamp?  There are a few other pieces from the same house I'm curious about.    Some by Kahla who I've learned was/is a German china manufacturer but I've not found the pattern that matches the tea set I have. 

Best thing to do for any other items is to start a separate discussion post for each unique piece.

If the items are clearly part of a set, then a single discussion post is fine.

Show us some photos of your items.

I took your suggestion and posted the rest of the "finds" in separate posts.   That's about it for vintage stuff unless you would include the '95 Ford Windstar sitting in the driveway...

The terminology you're seeking is "Mark" or "Back stamp".  A lot of china can be found at; they also offer a free ID service and sometimes will buy that which you're selling.

Yep, Nice to see the old Hazel Atlas cup and saucer again! I haven't seen one in years. Do be careful cleaning them to, they are "cold painted" and paint will come off in a diswasher. :(

I do see a few places where the paint is missing and I figured it wasn't DW safe.  Another reason I didn't expect this to be of great value.   The value for me is the fun of finding this stuff in the house!   I have clients who buy 50's-60's era houses on occasion and they're always interesting to poke around in.

I used to buy, remodel and flip houses. I've found stuff in most of them. The last one, I found a NA pestle which I donated to the Coeur d'Alene Indian tribe. I also found a WW I Trench art inscribed shell casing. A 7 unit apartment had 6x5' windows. To level them they stacked Mercury head dimes under them. There were over 100 of them.I replaced all 7.

Tom, That's crazy!   As a carpenter, I can't imagine stacking dimes for shims.  And didn't 10c actually buy something back when they were in circulation?    Had to be a really expensive window shim!

You would think, working in Charleston SC for years in the old houses, I'd have found some more interesting things, but I haven't really.    Found a ceramic doll's shoe under a house once but lost track of it somehow.  :-/

I put up ceiling tiles and found a brand new hand saw. Elsewhere I found a brand new 1" chisel. Behind dust boards I found stamps, marbles and small coins. Those windows were plate glass, about 1/4" thick and the dimes worked great. At one end of each 6 foot window there were 6 dimes, then 1 foot away, 5 dimes, 4 dimes, 3 dimes, 2 dimes and 0 dimes. The top and bottom dimes were badly scarred but those inbetween were in very good condition. I used cedar shims to level the new windows, much  cheaper.


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