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Can anyone tell me if these 2 pieces I have were made by Fenton?  Thanks to all!

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Neither piece is Fenton. Even if Fenton has a paper label, it still has the Fenton logo in the glass on the bottom. I don't know what these pieces are, but they are NOT Fenton. Is either piece have any markings on the bottom? Pretty pieces though.
Yes Martin, You are correct on the Fenton labels etc. Sorry about that.
When I used to work the flea markets and vendors didn't know what glass was like the blue they used to call it goofus glass. Don't know why... Although, I used to sell "ugly" goofus glass by the truck loads, there are a lot of collectors for it out there, seems like the more garish the more collectible it was.

But...that's not what I'm curious about. The second piece, does it have a rim on the inside, it looks like it should have a top...

I think your second piece is by Imperial Glass co. The pic is too blury for me to identify the pattern though.
I was the one who mentioned the top;-) But looking at the pic the pattern looks hand painted and could have been added by a toll painter later....



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