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I found this piece recently in a flea market. The booth had a variety of English items. There was a tag with it and it had a name but I could not read it. There were no markings on it so I am curious what it is and maker. Thanks.

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Unfortunately I believe this is a modern-day reproduction attempting to emulate an early-mid 19th century Staffordshire figurine. It was likely made in China. I once bought a similar item as a souvenir from a gift shop at a historic house museum. Some telltale signs are the faux craqueleur, the delineation of the eyes, and the square-like shapes of the bodies.

Is the horse missing its ear? Looks broken to me. I don't buy broken anything because it's impossible to resell. I think the crazing looks artificial too as LB points out. 

The lady is astride the horse side saddle and looks to be Spanish.  Who takes a cat horseback riding? Cat would freak out.

I think it's a pin dish or maybe for soap. Your pics don't show side view but bottom indicates width.

Thanks Tom

Found one listed on Etsy as Antique pottery 1900's Staffordshire Style Spill Vase with A Spanish Couple Sitting Side Saddle on A Grey Horse.


Mind you there is one sentence in the description I must take issue with: "Heavy crazing due to age which adds character and proof of age!" Although such crazing can occur over or after many years, there are glazes/kiln firing methods which intentionally produce the same effect after just one firing in a kiln. Such crazing is no proof of age.  

Thanks Michael for the info

REPLICA. THESE PIECES WITH NO DETAILS ON THE BACKSIDE ARE KNOWN AS “FLAT BACK” STAFFORDSHIRE WARES. ORIGINALLY THEY WERE made with flat backs so that they could be set on top of narrow fireplace mantles and still have some room to spare. Here are two modern offerings.

Walter Del Pellegrino


Thanks Walter for the information as well

Thanks to everyone who offered advice. The Staffordshire does look like what they wrote on the price tag. I am a flea market flipper. I think I paid $8 for this piece. Nothing broken, I do look it over several times. Made the mistake once.If anyone has anything to add please do, even though I flip it I like to learn.

Fully agree with LB and Walter. Staffordshire is an area in England that made pottery in the 19th century (and still), but this is not Staffordshire but rather Staffordshire-style since it was made in China. Another example of how sellers on ebay and elsewhere do not know what they are talking about - buyer beware.


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