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I picked up a nice lot of beer steins today.   One of them has a crest

that I can't find anything on.   I believe it's German or Bavarian.

Can anyone identify? 

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Replies to This Discussion*4yi2E9TtCY3gfD3jm1CKhPQMzwbXGdvv9TpiEWO4Kf6HBED9r9U6UM1ihwehwaa3/crest.jpgLion Passant is normally associated with United Kingdom. I found the same lion in Scotland.  Being on a beer stein the picture could be an artist's interpretation. Many steins are made in Germany and exported world  wide.

Actually, I would say it is a griffin, given the wings and eagle head.  Other than that, I would agree with Tom in that it could just be an artist's interpretation.  I too haven't seen that specific crest/emblem before, I had a bit of a search online as well, but found nothing with this exact design and colours.  

Griffin's appear in many state, town and family crests in many countries.

I believe Michael is correct; it is a Griffin.  Weird, I've never heard of this animal until Michael's post. 

Now THAT is a shock.  Isn't it strange how you keep learning about things even when you thought you were fairly well-versed in a topic?  We all (hopefully) learn something new every day.  That is very interesting.  Thanks for sharing


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