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I posted this over in the 'Lighting Antique and Vintage' group but I just don't think I'm going to get a reply so if it's not too much of a 'faux pas' I'll post here also.

It's been years since I visited the website but thought I'd get back involved since we've now got a new hobby, collecting Aladdin Lamps. Though we've only gotten one so far we want to get more. Here's the first one. It's an Aladdin Model 9 that has been electrified. The shade is not original and is a tad small for the bracket. What I'm looking for is a replacement socket that is made for Aladdin lamps. The one that's in there is too high. Here are a few photos of the lamp. It has a chimney etched with the Aladdin name and logo. Any help in finding a correct lamp socket would be appreciated.  My wife painted the design on the shade. It was originally plain white. I have other photos if anyone would like to see them to better explain what I'm looking for.

I'm going to edit and add some photos in-line, again, hope I'm not doing anything wrong by adding them.

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are you wanting to keep it electric or back to kerosene?

My wife would like to keep it electric.  I'm having difficulty finding the right lamp socket though. The only other problem is that it has a 14" shade ring and the shade that came with it is 13 5/16" or so

See attached link; shows Aladdin dealers in USA and Canada. Look also at side menu and Info in the bottom paragraph. There appears to be one in Texas.

Thanks so much for that Tom. I'll contact the one here in Texas and maybe take a little trip there.


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