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I bought these at a yards sale for $15. Do they have any value? Much thanks in advance!

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I am not certain on the monetary value, but I love them!

Thank you! I love the young Marlon Brando pin!

Selling pinback buttons is a difficult market. There are thousands of buttons for sale. Prices range in the $2.00 to $5.00 +/- depending on who, when and condition. The Marlon Brando button came with a square cardboard card to which the button was attached. The smudges on his face look like rust. He was issued by Universal Studios ca 1960s. In my  opinion he is in poor condition, worth $1-2.00.  You paid $15 for all of them.  If you list them I'd list ALL OF THEM AS A LOT for $19.99 at auction. The MLKJr button, dark blue, was issued in 1967; the light blue one (same pose) was reproduced following his death, in 1968. I think it's your best button and could bring the most money. Withhold it from your "LOT" and sell it separately.

Another valuable button is your WOW #497 button. It's a World of Workers union button from 1915. Rare.

Molly - thank you so much, this is fantastic! I appreciate the links!

Great info, thank you so much!

I guess I left off the "I", IWW, Industrial Workers of the World (thanks Molly), aka "wobblies".


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