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Early 20th century car, truck or heavy equipment cast iron hub cap?

Found this in St Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands (where I live) on the grounds of an old horse racing track that was PROBABLY used as an impromptu automobile racing around the 1900's-1920's.  That land was once owned by wealthy landowners who family crypt is also on the site.  Can anybody identify it?  The 'R' looks like the 'R' in the early Rambler automobile logo.

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The 30th Century hasn't arrived yet. We're currently in the 21st, so it'll be around 900 years before it gets here. 1900-1920 was in the 20th C.

I agree, the "R" looks the same to me.  Maybe an owner would have interest in it, but it is broken and useless. Salvage yards will buy scrap iron.

#1, it was a typo okay?! I am a disabled Viet Nam veteran awaiting cataract surgery and can't see that well.
#2, I DO NOT WANT TO SELL IT, I JUST WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS! Isn't that why it's called "Whadja Find Today"? I'm an historian, not a dealer.

William, me too, DAV Vietnam era.  No offense meant. Many people who use this site do not understand centuries, etc. No way for me to determine if a typo is real or just ignorance. This site is for identification AND evaluation.

Did you  find this metal detecting? I have a White's MXT and have searched a few old race tracks. I started in 1968 when pickings were virgin and finds abundant.

Thank you for your service and I am a Life member of DAV and a veteran of Viet Nam (Cambodia 1972).

Yes there are way too many morons out there who can not employ 'there, their & they're' or 'two, to - too' and don't know their A-hole from a hole in the ground! 

It was purely by chance I found it.  I was walking back from therapy (service connected knee injury) down an old dirt road and there it was at the edge of the road.  Only the top was showing with the 'R' glinting in the sunlight, it having been burnished by cars driving over it.  I had to take a stick and dig it out as the dried mud around it was baked in.

Later I found old Geological Survey maps that showed it was once a racetrack and an elderly local resident told me the dirt road was actually the only surviving section of the original race track.

I've never been a tourist; always a resident; and enjoy local history everywhere I've lived.  I find relics (a few now in museums in Europe) and when I lived in Ireland I earned recognition as "Finding things you didn't know were missing."


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