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Just wondering if there's anything that stands out in this collection of ours. I thought maybe the MCM chaise longue...

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I think your hunch is correct with the mid-century modern patio set being the best. I would guess it is German, probably by Bodo Hennig. Most of the other furniture came from basic packaged sets. 

All Doll furniture is very collectible! I have made over a hundred on a single item!  Being that you have the MCM stuff to, I've noticed that a lot of the young collectors go crazy for those pieces also.

Nice Collection!

nice set

what's amazing is that some of these go for more than the real thing...

And should I part it out? I'd love to make it an assembled collection and just sell the whole lot unless there are a couple gems in there.

Absolutely! Part it out! Just do some research first, then make up "lots". I always like to combine really good stuff with a few items that are not as desirable, that way all of it goes, and you get decent prices for everything!

I imagine LB has a good lead with the German made ( bodo hennig or otherwise) being the top sellers. But, I'd do my homework first. Most all German made pieces are superior to most others, with the exception of some of the US toy companies of the past. I did very well with vintage plastic furniture - (Believe it or not) Being Marx, Mattel and a few others to. 

It's well worth the time to figure out what is what, and go from there. Let us know how you do. You've got some really nice pieces there! and yes some do go for more that the "real thing" LOL


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