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Does anyone know where this rocker may have been made? Age? Any info??? Has anyone ever seen one like this?

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Well, thanks to John Henderson's post earlier, I at least now can possibly identify the carving of the creature on the left as a Hippocampus, a creature shared by both Phoenician & Greek mythology.

Traditionally thought of as the upper body is a horse and the lower body is a fish.  More commonly depicted 'without' wings, there are many instances of Hippocampus' depicted with wings as well.

Perhaps the creature on the right is a younger hippocampus or perhaps not.

I'm afraid furniture is not my strong suit, though it does look an older style of chair, based on design and upholstery.  A very nice chair.  Are there any stamps, labels or potential maker marks anywhere on or under the chair?

Chair has coil springs. There is a heavy, stiff burlap weave on bottom, covered by an older thick fabric. I was able to get a pic through one of the weave openings to show the under side of seat. Appears to be a burlap that was repurposed because it has advertisement label painted on it. Additional pics of side and finals on top of the chair added to post.

Hello Miss Bonny,

   I would date your Rocker to the last quarter of the 19th Century. It is styled in an offshoot of a period called "the Aesthetic Movement" which included a European translations of Japanese influences- incorporating Nature- plants and animal motifs. Yours is actually a mixture of Aesthetic and Eastlake, which proceeded Aesthetic. This was "High Victorian Style" in the 1870s-80s. Wood looks most likely to be "Oak" which could be either American or English. I wish I could be more help... It`s a very nice piece and in excellent condition for its age...God Bless,--Charlie 

That sounds wonderful. I got it for $125 at an antique store that had recently been bought out by a woman from the original older couple that had the business for years. It was marked $175, but as I had bought a few other things, she discounted it for me. I figured she would tell me $150 and when she said $125, I jumped on it. Figured that may be a bargain, hope so. Don't plan to sell it since I bought a pre 1880's Queen Anne Victorian house (realtor said mansion) and I have been collecting for a few years now and plan to decorate more period to the house. So do you think that is a good deal for it?

Absolutely Bonny,

    `Love the Victorian Styling ! Was a Great Price... God Bless- Keep collecting--Charlie

Michael,  is this chair Japanese?  Maybe a dragon and a nymph (both mythological creatures)? I know they sat on cushions, but after trading began they catered to and copied Western styles. I also think the large flower at the lower back is a chrysanthemum, the Emperor's flower. 

Does this happen to others?  Replies of Charlie and Bonnie did not show up until AFTER I posted my reply.

The 'dragon and nymph' are more european than asian in style.

As for the flower, I cannot actually see the image which has the flower in it to tell.


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