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My grandmother, from Italy, gave this to my mom many years ago. I think she brought it over with her. I have always wondered if there are others out there. Has anyone ever seen one? What would I call it to research it? The panels are amber glass and it is 8 1/2" at the widest bottom point and 5" high. The inside is tufted velvet. A magnet does not stick to the metal. Thanks for any info.

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I'm not entirely sure, but my best guesses, in this order are: "Antique Jewelry Casket" or I don't or remember exact name, but many churches have these for various purposes - ie something from a Saint, like a single bone, or a scrap of fabric, the host and etc. - Reliquary I think is in the right wheel house.

Let us know if you learn more, it's beautiful! 

Thanks Vicki, I will look those up and see what I find.

I looked at those and thought maybe it's just a jewelry box...so I typed that in and put amber glass and look what came up. Looks pretty close. I should have done that in the first place and wouldn't have bothered you. Thanks for your help.

No problem! Just fyi, many times the older/antique "jewelry boxes" are not called that, they call them "Jewelry Casket" instead - which is well, creepy, lol. But often the case. Have fun, it's gorgeous!

Thanks Vicki !  (Yes, that's creepy)

That's it!! Thanks Molly. A "casket"?? LOL


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