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Do I do think maybe Qung dynasty? Very heavy vase and it's 28 round 9 wide 17 tall. Really good condition a must see in person kind of vase.

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More pictures

No, I don't think so. Pretty sure this is 20th century also. It looks like artificial aging and a stamped (not handpainted) mark to me. You may be able to find the mark at

Image result for japanese porcelain large bowl gold underglaze heavy floral pattern

We had a discussion about the mark on the bottom of another piece and I am thinking this looks just like that one.  Someone pointed out that it would be under the glaze, if original.  Maybe this will get their attention, again

Hey Molly thanks for helping me get all my pictures on here correctly. This is my first time to do this. And I'm on my cell phone. Also don't know that much about Chinese Antiques so I'm having to learn a lot. So are you saying about the marking that it's real or fake?

I am saying that the same conversation came up in regards to a mark like the ones above.  Someone more knowledgeable than myself talked about the glaze and the color and the mark being under or over, sharp or blurred, etc.  Now, Qung is not a known Dynasty, as Tom made clear, but there are similar names for the periods of time these (or similar) pieces are from.  Look up Dynasty Marks...even though there was a really good site provided the last time that I cannot remember, and you will find these marks, indicating the Dynasty and the years it covered.  That being said, we still need a expert to tell us if it is real.  Tom?

So I understand what you and Tom are saying. Quinn is what I meaning to write. For the most part with all the things I have received from my friend I was hoping that there wAs a rare and a peice worth a good amount of money. We just had our 3 child and that would be a very nice blessing at this point. Thanks for all your help.

No Quinn Dynasty either.

I guess you mean Qing (no "u"), pronounced "chin" or "chi'ning" (1644-1912) Chinese, but the flowers are mums (chrysanthemums) the Imperial flower of Japan. Japan doesn't use the same time frame as the Chinese.

Repeat: Do you use a Personal Computer?

You can probably find your mark in  Search for blue only. Different colors usually refer to different years. The red mark looks like the same characters but it could be 100 years or more off.

There isn't a Qung Dynasty. Where did you come up with that?

Those flowers are "mums" (chrysanthemums) the Imperial flower of a recent Emperor (Hirohito) of Japan. Dynasties are Chinese.

Do you use a Personal Computer?


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