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These are glazed pottery pieces with a difficult to read signature on the bottom.  They are professionally made and wondering if anyone recognizes the craftsmanship and marking. Thanks so much!!!

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Thanks to everyone who viewed my post. I figured it out. It is Bill Campbell Pottery. Thanks Again!

Hi Nicole

That's cool, I did see some of Bill Campbell's work but dismissed it as a possibility because the glazed works of his I found were not the same as yours.

How did you verify it is one of his?

Was that a maker mark of his underneath?  If so, what did it say, because it was quite hard to read?

Hello Michael,

Yes, it was the signature on the bottom that identified it for me. I stared and magnified the marking but couldn't figure it out because I had no point of reference. Once I had Campbell as a possibility then I could clearly see that was the name on the bottom.  The big C to start and the large scrolled double Ls at the end. I also saw that a lot of his pieces were described as drip blue and the serving bowl clearly has that same processing.

Thanks so much for trying to figure it out with me.

Ah yes, now I see it too, your photo of the signature was upside down, threw me right off. lol

I see in the background of Bill Campbell's website, his signature is shown there for comparison.

Glad you found your answer even without our help.


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