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I was trying to look through some old discussions of mine, looking for a link to a picture that I'm trying to find. BUT it appears that Discussion Search is broken! I have started discussions and replied to many, but when I do a search from the Discussion link on my home page, it says "You haven't started/replied to any discussion yet". I tried the same search on a couple other peoples pages, and they did not show any discussions either, though they have brand new and active discussions.

Could you check what is going on and let us know?


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I am not 100% sure how to do it.  But I pressed My Discussions and entered "This Old Boat" title and it said nothing was found...even though it's still on the main page?

I've been involved in this site since its beginning and I've never heard of a "discussion search" so have no idea what you are seeking.

At the top of every page is a black area or line; on the right side is IAO's search engine. I know that old replies,posts,comments, etc. are automatically removed at a certain age. Our Editor-in-chief, Dianne Zweig, handles that.  I just now checked and it is working fine.

If you are seeking something that you posted it might be on your Member's page. You can left-click on your Avatar to quickly get there, or thru the search engine, or thru the "My Page" in the heading above.

Hopefully this will help solve your problem.

Thanks for trying, I will give more explicit directions. BTW, I tried it on your (Tom) page, and it seems to work when I try it on your page and also on Molly's page and LB Laub's page. But it does not work on my page or Lloyd Levine's page, or BikerBonnie's page, or a couple others I tried. You can test it on my page to see what I mean.

Go to My Page for a user. The easy way is by clicking on their picture on any post they have made. This page is the one with their picture on the left hand side. Underneath their picture is a link for "Discussions". Click on this link. When you do, you will get a page which is supposed to list (based on selected option under View), "Discussions Started" or "Discussions Replied To". In my case and Lloyd Levine's and BikerBonnie's etc, these are both blank, although all of us have very recently started and contributed to multiple discussions.

I am not sure if, or how, this is relevant, but for the first time, I cannot see how many members are online and it says I am disconnected from the "chat" option.  When I try to connect, it goes green for half a second and then back to red.

I went to the Help Page, but there does not appear to be anywhere to ask for technical support.  When you figure out what is going on please let me know how to fix this issue, as well.  :(  thank you

Yes, I see that "Disconnected" too at the bottom of the screen, nor do I know whether it is related. I looked for a section for tech support too, but didn't find one which I why I posted here (I think this is the most widely read group here). The website may just need a reboot?


I wrote a note to Diane saying we were both looking for tech support.  To reboot the site, does that mean something different than logging out and restarting my computer?  I already did both of those.

Top of any page is "tech support", not named as such, but rather named "Help" or contact Dianne Zweig.  IAO is a "ning" website with outside control. If you spot a problem you contact Dianne and she contacts ning.

On Lloyd Levine's page I see Discussions. He has 258. When clicked it says he hasn't started any...however it lists all 258 of them, page after page below with the last one started showing first...I didn't look at all 258 of them.

And "Members Online" (below) just came on. When I first signed on, it wasn't working.

Dianne often tinkers with the website, trying to make it work better,modifying things,adding or subtracting. It's a big, UNPAID job with few thank yous. Her time is stretched pretty thin between here, facebook and her brick and mortar store, plus she is a published author.

On Lloyd Levine's page I see Discussions, with 258. When clicked it says he hasn't started any - and it lists none of them. So the difference is that you are seeing a list of discussions - even though it says he hasn't started any. But I am seeing no discussions.

"Members online" is now working for me. But the Discussions are still not being listed.

Could I ask you to click on my page and see if it is listing Discussions for me? And let me know what browser you are using? I have tried with Firefox 62.0, and Internet Explorer 11.0.56. I do not see Discussions listed for the people I named with either of those browsers.

Jeff, Just now (10-18, 3PM (MST) I clicked on your page; it shows you have 757 discussions and moving out of that area, to the right and below it lists the most recent back to Oct 2nd, at which point the page ends and "See more" link for what I suspect are the others beyond Oct 2nd.

I use Mozilla-Firefox,  MS Word 7 Professional.

Tom, thank you for trying but you are not clicking on the link that is broken for me so as yet no one has tried to reproduce the problem I am seeing. This iantiqueonline website is broken, but no one else seems to see it or to care.

Underneath my picture click on the "Discussions" link with the number 758 next to it. It will take you to a page that is supposed to list the discussions I have contributed to, but you will find that there is nothing there, even though I have contributed to 758 discussions.

Try the same thing on your page. You will find that most of your discussions are not listed there either, though some of them are.

OK, I just noticed that Tom's and Molly's "Discussion" links are broken too! Molly's shows only two entries under "Discussions Started" and Tom's shows only one entry - but they have certainly added a lot more than that. Molly added one just a couple days ago titled "What the heck!" - and that one does not show up.

So this is apparently broken for everyone.

Hi Jeff

I can see exactly what you are seeing and you are correct in that the link shown on your page which states discussions with a number does not work, it does not work on mine either, however, if I click on your name link above each of your replies, it does take me to your discussion history and shows everything.

If I use the same process of clicking on Toms name link, I've noticed that sometimes it does work and goes straight to the discussion history showing 359 pages of Discussions replied to and 10 started, whilst at other times it showed me 10 replies on 1 page of Discussions replied to and only 1 reply on 1 page started.

Clicking on the name link above each reply takes you to a different website address for the discussion history than the Discussion link on your main profile page.  One of the links is definitely incorrect. For those who do understand website addressing URL, I have left the addresses visible so you can see I am correct., also just try the links to see for yourself.

Tom's text name link


Tom's Discussion link as from his main profile page


This dual address issue for the discussion history is the same for everyone I have tested at random, though obviously I've not tested literally everyone.


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