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White metal tube, about 5½", with cap stamped DRGM, No. 63356. D.R.G.M. stands for "Deutsches Reiches Gebrauchs Musterschutz" - meaning protected patented design under the Reich Government. I would love to know what this was used for; can you help please?

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Definitely a container, Peter, but thanks :)

You  have the answer in your hand. A check of German patents on line show the following:

Pat # 63,356 dtd June 18, 1907 by Bailly & Co.,P, Paris, FR "shoulder braces and suspenders".  No pic or illustration is available on line but you can purchase the "book" if you want. My guess is that it rotates and puts a pattern on the fabric which strengthens it, but that is just a guess.

A lot of the DGRM sites show this # "missing"...it's down a ways.

For some reason my link didn't attach.

Note:  Link says US Patent Office, but it is a list of German patents from 1907. Because of Germany's history and gaps for WW I and WW II and East/West Germany and Repatriation their patents are covered in multiple locations.


This is a US site - no mention of Germany, but thanks :)

DGRM= Deutsche which is German for Germany! If it's definitely a container as you say why didn't you say so in your original post?  You called it a "tube".

Also you contradict yourself in your original post.  You said  "..cap stamped DGRM, No. 63356. D.R.G.M. sta..."

For reasons unknown you changed the initials from DG- - to DR- - If the cap is stamped DGRM you probably acquired the wrong definition.

Or it could be a typo.

My link given shows "German"  in the upper left side. Scroll up.

Didn't you have a pic of the stamp?  It's gone now.

If a container, it probably held suspenders or shoulder braces...  If they were cloth then the patent info could be on the container. Just speculating.

Obviously a typo - sorry. I said tube but I thought it would be obviously a container as it is hollow and has a cap. It's only 14cm high so wouldn't hold anything too big!

So which is it, "stamped on lid"  DGRM or DRGM?

And, what happened to the picture that showed the close-up of the writing?

I admitted it was a typo and apologised, Tom - it's "Deutsches Reiches Gebrauchs Musterschutz".

Thanks Tom but this is definitely a container. It's 14cm tall and 1.8cm wide at base :) 

Cigar tube?

I think the Cigar Tube is an excellent guess.

I'll reply again, Peter - it's definitely a container not a grater. Thanks.


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