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Just picked up this desk at a thrift store. From what I learned it may be a Carlton desk. Can anyone tell me if it may be worth anything? It has some marks on it and the leather is somewhat stained. Also, if it has any value, would refinishing it lessen the value? Thanks.

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More pics.


I'd call it a Carlton tough I usually think of a more semi circular design. we need to see sides of drawers, joinery etc for a better look.

More pics.


I don't know whether refinishing would affect the value of a piece like this, but it looks as though the existing finish has good potential for restoration, with a bit of touching up of worn and scraped areas, cleaning, and waxing.


Get some formbys restore . not the stripper just the restore. it cleans off old wax build up and you can repair small scatches

Do you think there's any value to this piece? I will try the Formby's. Have used it before and really like it.


Photo repair by Photoscape-freeware and fabulous.

I would use scratch cover first and then try finish touching up.

The formby's restore not the stripper is awesome . Its a green colored liquid. This fixed up might be worth around $450 to $900 +or - the area you are located. The best place to sell this would be in The Arts and The Antiques Weekly 

Thanks so much for your help.


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