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I acquired this a while ago and have searched endlessly for similar items to identify it with no luck. The glass globe is two pieces held in a metal stand. Initially I thought it was used as a container for something but it is too difficult to open unless it held something that doesn't need to be removed regularly. The metal stand has three rams heads. Above each ram is a threaded piece that can be unscrewed to loosen the brackets holding the top half of the dome in place. The glass is hand blown, very thick, and decorated with a green tinted pattern. The globe is about 4" in diameter, overall height to the top of the finial is about 5 1/2". Any ideas?

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Yes! I just took it apart again to take photos and fiddled with it a bit and the top popped off! The corrosion was apparently holding the top on. So now since the top easily lifts off with no hinge, clasp or closure....hmmm caviar? 


Excellent! It certainly is a nice piece! It looks as if it were gold plated originally. If the metal is solid bronze or brass, it would be possible to polish it, though that would probably remove the remaining gold plating. If it isn't solid bronze or brass, bringing back a nice finish would be more difficult.

Dawn, you mentioned coming across a butter dish with the same/similar legs on it to your caviar dish.
Assuming you cannot find your specific caviar item online, having exhausted google and online forums etc, I believe the next step in identifying the maker and age of your piece could be to try and find any pieces with the same design elements as your piece, this would indicate they are part of your set and may already have additional information posted with them about its age or creator.


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