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This is an authentic 1930's daum vase. Has the cross of Lorraine and the word DAUM then below and to the left are the words NANCY FRANCE. All markings are very very difficult to read, took me three years!! Please see the rubbing of the DAUM mark, obtained using lip gloss and packing tape. Here is my question, would someone view the photo of the base of the vase and tell me if it chipped or if it would have been made like it appears. I am wanting to sell this item and need to know the condition. Thank you for all help.

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I don't know much about Daum Nancy other than it's expensive lol. I also don't know too much about pontil marks. Here is a link that may be able to help you out.




Thank you Big Rob for the link. I have sent a copy of my pics to their site. This vase is really pretty (gotta love pink lol) . Hopefully I will find out more info. Thanks for your help.

You came to the right place, I think, for your answers.  IAO has a Member who collects Daum- Nancy vases.  His name is Daryle Lambert.  Here is a link to him:   http://iantiqueonline.ning.com/profile/DaryleLambert89?xg_source=pr...


About the only thing I know is that these vases come in two sizes; the short ones are relatively inexpensive, but the taller ones are worth 5 figures. Can't tell how tall yours is; looks to be a short one. Value therefore would be $2,000 or less.  Daryle will know.

To get a better view of what is written, rub some graphite over the marks. It will wash off with soap. Think of a lead pencil and an emory board-nail file. If the object is dark colored, use a pinch of flour.

Thank you Tom's antiques. You are correct, the vase measures 6 1/2 inches in height and six inches in width. It isn't tiny or  large. It is acid etched and moves in color from a light pink to a subtle coral. It is a pretty vase. Wouldn't an emory board file scratch the glass? I don't want to damage it. The main mark is the cross and the DAUM and I think you can see that pretty clearly in my lip gloss smear lol. I tried the lead pencil but it didn't work, I tried flour, cocoa , lipstick any and everything one could wash off. Getting the marks topull up for pictures is very very difficult. Again, thank you for your help.
The emery board was for the pencil, to make powdered graphite, to rub over the incision to make it stand out.  At 6.5 inches your vase would be a little one.
Thanks Tomsantiques, I will try the emory board and pencil trick. New to this and a little dumb  in thinking you meant rub the glass, sorry. 

Well we have discovered the words we thought were nancy france are not. The very small markings below and to the left of the cross and the word DAUM include the word LORRAIN then an e or x. There is a very, very small word before the Lorrain (e) or (x). This would indicate it was made between 1927 and 1932.  Mr. Manning Garret with DaumNancyantiques replied to me and stated this vase was much newer than what he deals with in Daum and he could not help me.


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