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I picked up these two items at the estate of someone who was heavily into photography.

They appear to be some sort of novelty mirror "toy", but there is no makers mark.

Both have two pieces of glass inside them, which acts sort of like a carnival fun house.

Has anyone ever seen one of these before and could tell me when they were popular ?

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Just a guess, 1940's - 1960's. And I don't have an idea really, but I do know that some camera buffs could take an oatmeal box and make it into a camera. I no longer remember how it's done, but that may be the idea here?

Sorry, not much help. 


Any help is better than no help at all.

These pieces came from the estate of a camera collector. His collection was extensive and included items from the 1920s.

Thanks for your input.


I present...  The Great Mail Order Bargain House

Publication Date believed to be 1898

Why? ... you ask.

Here is an excerpt of one of the advertised products from within.

Laughing Camera No. 2.

Your friends grotesquely photographed; stout people look thin— thin people look stout. For years the funniest attractions in every museum the world over have been the Convex Mirrors. Everybody has found amusement in contemplating his own personality in a long-drawn-out or a short-and-fat aspect. The Laughing Camera furnishes all this amusement and more. By getting a focus on a
Sassing pedestrian, horses, wagons, cars, etc., the most grotesque and ludicrous pictures are witnessed. The passer by takes on the swing and stride of a Daddy Long Legs, Horses look like Giraffes, and altogether there is more genuine, hearty fun crowded into the 4 cubic inches of this little Instrument than theatres could show in centuries All crow fat from laughter. Postage 3c.
Price 23 Cents Each; $2.25 a Dozen.

Here is the file to download the PDF of the publication.

Awesome information !


Indeed !

Good Job!


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