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Dancing Polynesia Terracotta Statuettes Art Deco Perhaps Red Wing Pottery?

Hello Again Everyone, 

Another somewhat unique find today. These two statuettes appear to me as Red Wing, but I am certainly not sure. Quite ornate in glaze and detail work. Rather over the top to be Red Wing, but the simplicity in the features and the casting resembles Red Wing. Any thoughts? Both are 19" tall. One is signed, Mary (TE?).

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Hi Jesse, One of your statues is marked "Italy". That is exactly what you have here. Vintage, Terra cotta, Polynesian figurines. Made in Italy. Probably 1940  - 50's. They are nicely done, so do a google search to see what similar items are selling for. 

Hi Vicki, thanks for your reply. Certainly doesn't say Italy. Not sure who Mary is. The symbol after the name, maybe "TE"?

Oh, I'm sorry, I saw the large E that looks like an I and y. My apologies. However, I still think these are most likely from Italy, or possibly Mexico.

Terra Cotta pottery is uncommon in the USA. Most items like yours come from Italy, Mexico, Portugal and/or Spain are the most common possibilities.

I'd still think the same time frame as well. Being the 1940's-50's. My guess on the name is the former owner, or it could have been the decorator. Sometimes items hold the names of artists/decorators for any specific company, in that way they would be paid per item. Hope that helps!

Thanks Vicki, the search continues. They are castings so I am hoping there are others out there I will stumble upon. 

I found this marking above the artist's name on a piece in a thrift store yesterday.  It so reminded me of the "TE" after Mary, I thought it might help.  This was a plate hand-painted from this area in Italy.



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