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Can anyone identify this cut glass bud vase? I would appreciate any input. I believe it's from the American Brilliant Period, but I haven't been able to identify exactly what it is, pattern, etc.
It's about 10-3/8" tall.

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Sadly, not my forte I'm afraid.  Anything I could suggest would at best be guess work from any image I'd find on google images.

Many of the patterns are so similar to each other that I personally can't tell them apart, I just don't have the specific detailed knowledge required to identify by sight.

Maybe try the Glass Hound group on this site.

Thank you Michael!

Like Michael, this is one subject that baffles me...from what I read the ABP (American Brilliant Period-ca 1886-1916) is hand cut glass, not crystal. There are over 300 different patterns and they all look alike to me. Being hand-cut the possibility of finding an exact mate is doubtful.

I googled, American Brilliant Period patterns, cut glass vase, and clicked "Images".  There are several that resemble yours. Several were signed by somebody named "Hawkes".  One sold on EBay for $8.00 USD. Details not shown, possibly conditional issues, as price seems very low.

Thank you Tom

Hi Charlotte, As the moderator of "Glass Hound Heaven" group here on IAO, I'm not baffled at all, lol.(please feel free to join and share all your glass, if and when you are able) It breaks my heart that in recent years glass has been on a downward trend. :( As an Antique dealer, I include as much info on any and all pieces of glass I sell, in hopes of forming new collectors that share a love of antique and modern glass!

All that being said, what you have here is Czech glass Yesit is crystal, ( if you tap the edge with your fingernail, or with a plastic pen tip you will hear a lovely "ting" sound. But, it's not terribly old, probably made in the 1970's or 1980's. If your wanting info on prices, check ebay or etsy online, for the most recent selling prices. Hope that helps you. :)

Thank you so much for the information Vicki! And I did post it on Glass Hound Heaven as well, after Michael made the suggestion.

Here is an informative article on how to tell the difference between glass and crystal. You need a smooth rim to make the musical sound...your rim is sawtooth.

Thank you, Tom.


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