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I will appreciate information on this print. So far, I have not found one that shows incomplete color in the back of one man’s coat, orange colored lettering and what appears to be colored areas as shown in the pictures.


Would like to know, since it is reprinted from a lithograph, does it have any value? I read in one of the Currier and Ives articles that if the print states “by Currier and Ives” that gives it more value.

Is the date of this print 1866 -  “Entered according to Act of Congress A 1866”


Print’s information as follows:
Title: Western River Scenery

"orange" capital, block letters, which are colored/painted. Lettering looks like graphite.

Small text under picture:

“Entered according to Act of Congress A 1866 by Currier and Ives,

 in the Clerk's Office of the District Court, of the United 'States for the Southern District of N.Y."
(On the right corner) "Reprinted from Lith by Currier and Ives"


Inside the narrow orange matting strip, the picture is 13 – 1/4" wide by  8 -1/4 " high. 
The framed size is 19 3/4 high by 24 in.wide.  #36630 on paper back of framed picture.

Mint print condition, wear to frame.

I might be able to take some better pictures if these are not good enough. Thye color of the print is much richer than I could show through glass. 

Thanks for your help.

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You have a print of a lithograph. Colors are determined by the printer/publisher.  I believe the original C&I was black and white. And water colored after the printing. Prints like yours retail for $12.00 to $40. plus the frame. 

Somewhere I read that "The West" in 1860s was the area to the Mississippi River, and "Far West" past it.

My Great Grandfather was Will Heckmann, aka "Steamboat Willie". His first born son was "Steamboat Bill" about whom the song was made. He (GGF) had 14 kids, 7 sons became riverboat captains and  1 was a RR Engineer. My paternal Grandmother was the 12th child. BTW he was 59 when he got married and his wife was 23. They met on a Steamboat on the Ohio River.

Awesome -  Very interesting reading!

Steamboat treasures: The Inadvertent Autobiography of a Steamboatman

I have an autographed First Edition. Dorothy H. Shrader is/was a first cousin of my Dad. I met her at a Reunion in 1990. Whoever wrote that which you quoted has it wrong. The author was Dorothy  H. Shrader.  I believe William L. (Steamboat Bill) was her father. Incidentally Steamboat Bill held 4 riverboat pilot licenses at the same time, for the Ohio, Mississippi, Missouri and Yukon Rivers.


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