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Hi everyone, hoping someone might have seen something similar to this or knows what it is.  It appears to be brass, is 8" long, the only marking on it is on the crest on the front, looks like "F.I" or "F.T".  The two "legs" at the bottom unscrew. 

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Under "Heraldry" the 2-headed eagle has hundreds of meanings. Click  "Images".;_ylt=AwrTccbA.PhYA34AxwM...

It is the 32nd and 33rd degree in Masons.  Also Germany and czarist Russia used the images.

Your item is the right size for a Scepter, held in the hand and used in ceremonies. Being painted black makes me wonder if it's gold, not brass. Might have been painted to smuggle it out of a country. I'd have it checked. If it is gold you have a real treasure! 

LOOK CLOSELY at your Double Eagle.  I can see a Crown over it; beaks are closed; sword in (facing) left talon, furled flag in right talon; shield with vertical stripes in center; rectangle? in center of shield.  Maybe something written above shield, 3 letters, Latin? Believe this means Royalty, not Masons.

Anything else?  If you can find an EXACT MATCH you can discover where it's from and maybe who used it. Believe this means Royalty, not Masons.

A true mystery.

keep us posted.

Well the brass looks English to me. I'm not at all sure what the purpose of it is, but Tom may have it right as some type of scepter. I do have a couple other thoughts. It might have been a tool from a fireplace set, or possibly something used in a church, or other organization. While Tom has ruled out Masons, it could have been a "German Club" "Polish Club" or similar. 

Let's us know what you find out. 

Vicki, a crown over the head, or at the top, usually refers to Royalty, sometimes a Royal Warrant to provide items to the reigning monarch. It would be uncouth to use a crown on a non-royal group or organization. This rules out the Masons.


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