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Hello again.

We just acquired several hundred books. Many of these are collector and antique related.
If anyone is interested in the titles, please pm me.

Subjects include wrist watches, Corgi toys, colonial antiques, Russian art, German dolls, sports cards, ships, erotica history, and Native American artifacts .... Lots more.

happy collecting

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American Flyer Trains? 

Hi Fred. Unfortunately, no American Flyer Train books. Thanks

anything on Trains or Pedal Cars?

Native American artifacts, name, title, ISBN#,  price incl shpg (media rate) to 97913. ty. Tom


I'm taking an inventory. I'll have a list to post soon. Thanks

Here is a short list. These were mostly selected for there color plates and photography as reference books. I added ISBN where available. Other reference is year and publisher. Postage is book.

The Spirit of Native America ISBN - 0-87701-515-5
Becoming Brave - 0-8118-0163-2
Harmony By Hand 0-87701-426-4
Dictionary of Prehistoric Indian Artifacts of the Southwest 0-87358-120-2
Navajo Rugs -– Past, Present and Future 1973 Gilbert S. maxwell
The West As Romanic Horizon (1st Ed.) 0-936364-05-X
Blackfoot Craftworks Book 1977 Good Medicine Books, Canada
One With The Earth - The Institute of American Indian Arts (Smithsinian Museum ?)
The Button Blanket Book : Northwest Coast Indian Art Activity Book

"Blackfoot Craftworks Book"

Funny, there is no such tribe as the Blackfoot.  It's the Blackfeet tribe. Located in NW Montana at Browning. Lot of people get it wrong.

There is a town in SE Idaho in Bingham County known as Blackfoot. Nearby tribes just south are Shoshone and Bannock NA. (I lived there for 1 year in 1962).

Chuck, my e-mail address is on my Members page (near the red marble). EM me a price for all the books.

Postage is book, also called media. I use Pay Pal if agreeable.

Thanks Tom. I will email you tomorrow.

"one with the earth" is a coloring book...I don't want it.  Also, title of "Button Blanket Book" sounds like a coloring or activity (for kids) book.  Any other coloring book or kids activity books I am not interested in buying.

I checked 3 titles on eBay and Abe's books and coincidentally all 3 were priced at $6.00 each. I was hoping for a better price...?


I could not locate your email address.

The book One With The Earth is not a coloring book. It is from the Institute of American Indian Art. I believe it was produced in conjunction with a Smithsonian Exhibit.

I was not going to charge you for the activity book (but will not send it if you don't want it).


Left click on my face (avatar) takes you to my page. scroll down to my profile.  my e-m address is within my profile (just above the red marble).

I only see a web site address, but no email


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