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I recently purchased this pretty little pot, its about 5 1/2 inches tall and 3 inches at the widest I kind of assumed it was modern but don't really know how to tell the difference, the colours and details are very crisp. Any information about this or cloisonne in general would be great.

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There are so many variations on this theme...I think what stands out on your jar is the base color.  You do not see much pastel yellowish backgrounds.  Not sure if that makes it a general reproduction for mass production, or if it indicates something else.

Thank you Molly.

Here is one...it just says "vintage" and it is selling for $38....hard to say.

That's a very similar style the finial isn't as sharp, the gilding is a different colour. It doesn't seem to be finished as well as mine don't you think? No idea if that's because mine is modern machine finished or higher quality. 

Yours may be much higher quality...I agree with the finial and colors, in general.  I was trying to match the background color and cloisonne patterning.  I guess since you are beginning to notice the differences, it will guide you.  I also looked at the different shades of blue half circle patterning at the bottom.  This was prevalent during a particular time, but, again, I do not know what I am talking about ;)

Call it a Japanese "ginger jar" and you'll find many examples. The one submitted by Molly is a very close match, just different colors and themes. The background flakes are the same. The design on the throat is the same too. They were obviously made by the same company. No two are exactly alike as they are hand-painted.

I have a cloisonne ashtray with the same blue glazed bottom, it was commonly used in the 1940s-60s.

The dragon motif is normally associated with Japan. Molly's link shows $38. USD which is average.

They are also called "urns" and are used to store cremation remains.

Thank you both very much for the replies, I hadn't realised that ginger jars could be this shape as I've only seen the rounder pudding shaped ones without finials before, it's great that it seems to be older than I first thought and my £1 was definitely well spent!


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