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Hi, hoping someone can identify any part of this pin that would help me identify its origin?  The hands shaking at the top with the flags, the words in gold or the acronyms displayed in the cross?   

Any help would be appreciated, thank you!

The shaking hands made me think post civil war, but it could be some masonic symbolism as well?

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The word "Veniec" on the top is Slovak for "crown" or "wreath." Perhaps Veniec R.A.G. refers to an event or award as part of a Slovak immigrants' fraternal order, which I assume the acronym for is inside the Byzantine cross.

Great insight, thank you.  That gives me something to start with for sure, appreciate it.

There is another similar medal on eBay with the jeweler's name, C. Biczak of Passaic, NJ on the reverse. Little Falls, Passaic, NJ had a high concentration of Slovaks at the turn of the century. I know this because I live in Little Falls, NY and the Slovak histories of the two places overlap.

Interesting, yes, just looked it up and found it.  Seems they are unsure of its origin as well, gives more to go on though.

Thanks Molly!

TSJ has 2 meanings in the Catholic church. Trinity St. Johns and Theology of the Study of Jesus. 

KSS stands for Knight of St. Sylvester.

KSS was organized "after Hitler but before Stalin" (I didn't copy where I read that--now I can't find it!)...that would put the age in the early 1940s to the Present.

RAG has 2 meanings that I found. "Rag" is an abbreviation for "Magazine" which is used mostly in Europe even today. There is no Slavic word for "rag or RAG" nor do any English words come up in their language. There was a secret society of Slavic Catholic women formed in 1939-40 who used "Rag" in their name.

Secondly, R.A.G. stands for "rechtsanwaltsgesetz" (German) that defines a secret lawyer's society also formed in 1939-40. This society operated through-out Europe, UK, and Caribbean, and still does today. (the pdf article was written in German which I could not translate.) RAG = Rechts Anwalts Gesetz(e), whatever that means...

I think it is likely that the acronym inside the cross is in Slovak. The KSS could very well start as Katolicka Slovenska...

Maybe, but their pin shows KSJ.  But you might be on to something. This (KSJ) is a Slavic Catholic Womens society that started in 1890.   Re-read what I said earlier about RAG. Also a Catholic womens society, same cross but with KSS,formed 1939-40.

Image result for "Katolicka Slovenska" slovak translate

Update: Last nite I spent a couple hours reading pdf from Pg 1 thru Pg 79 which contains numerous references to KSS but not once does it identify its meaning.

From what I gather it was a Slovak/Slavic political party for women that began during WW II in secret. It said their agenda was pro-communism, anti-Nazi/German, pro-Catholic, socialists and/or liberalists.

I would suggest contacting a Slovakian Catholic church to see if they can help you.

Thank you, that is great insight, I appreciate you doing so much research.  I will look into what you have found and see if I can uncover any additional details.  


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