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Hello everyone 

We found this ceramic soldier that can hold liquids but not sure what it is.

Went online and could not find anything like it so any help would be appreciated.

Below are the specs and 3 pics attached.

H 21 cm 8.25 inches

W 6 cm 2.4 inches

weight Kilo 0.240 8.5 oz

Look forward to getting your feedback.


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  I'd shopped in many local area thrift stores and antique shops for over 40 years and collected at least 15 different types of "junk" such as art glass, paperweights, wood carvings, art, jewelry much of which was Sterling Silver, oil paintings, teak wood (now on the endangered species list and no longer being sold), ceramic sculptures, pepper mills, coffee pots and other weird items.  I doubt that your figurine was designed for liquids due to the fact that it has a cork in the top.  I'd have guessed that it might have held salt or pepper but if so it would have holes in the top ceramic portion.  I'd guess that it might have been designed to hold almost any small items but possibly was made for kitchen use to hold any type of spice.  That's just a guess but if you think about it why was it made as a storage box rather than just as a small figurine?  It possibly needed a small label saying:  "I'll hold anything that you wish to store inside me."  Very nice collectible and definitely vintage.  This is a small "made in Japan" monkey with bananas figurine which I purchased on eBay about 3 years ago; I had the same little monkey figurine back in the early 1950's when I was a child and at some point its' legs became broken off.  I'd saved a search on eBay so I'd know if one was listed and then one day found this exact figurine for sale at around $24.00.  I now keep this new one in a plastic box so it too doesn't get damaged and still have my original little monkey which holds treasured memories.

Thanks Mark for your feedback! 

Looks like it's from Holland, Delft cobalt blue.  Your SAILOR boy shows up mostly as a Salt and Pepper, so I'd guess yours probably held a liquid condiment, maybe syrup, cream, milk, schnapps, or something similar.

I couldn't find yours but his hat is exactly like the S&P sailor.

Tom: I have to complain to you about your posting this website only because I took a look at these beautiful figurines and have to hope that I don't see one or more of these at my local Salvation Army or Goodwill because I know that I'd instantly be hooked on them. The last thing that I need is to begin is still another collection of thrift store "chotchkies." Most all of my collections began the same way in that I see one item, become infatuated with it and then start searching for more and more similar items to match the first one. It's good in one aspect in that I have some very beautiful collectibles but it's bad in that my small home is so crowded most of my collectibles are in cardboard boxes and there's so many that I've never had the time or inclination to appreciate them. If I owned a larger home I'd likely open a museum but things as they are mean that I'm overloaded with antiques and some very desirable finds.


Mark, how do I fit into your "illness"...this isn't my post! But, alas, I suffer from the same ailment! I think most of us do too.

Thanks Tom for your response. Lets see if anyone else has some more info.

I agree with Mark that it looks like it was made in Japan maybe around the 1950's. It may not be a soldier, but a little boy. Anytime the cheeks are highlighted it is on children. It seems like some of the best possible examples are on eBay. I found some examples at this link. The search term "decanter" may help discover items closer to your item.

Examples on eBay

Thanks David!

The figure looks to be a messenger boy or bell boy. I suspect the bottle would have held liquor.

Thanks for the feedback LB.

I agree with LB Lorenzo. This is most likely a decanter of some kind. The outfit this gent has on looks to be from the 1900's. Those who would wear this type of costume would be in service job. ie.. Bell Boy, Messenger, driver etc.. 


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