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Hello All,

I have come across a vintage jester doll with glass head with butterfly painted on the face.   

With many similar Items I was able to find I was unable to find ANY information on the maker, brand, age, or anything factual on the item... 

Anyone have any information on the doll?

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Because these items are so plentiful, it is difficult to find a maker.  Many were made in bulk by hand, and they are still being created.

Vintage Clown Doll Porcelain Head Sand Bag Body Set of 2

None of them say who the maker is, and the bottom ones say they are from the 1980s, but how can we know for sure?

I see... That would make sense why I was unable to find an identical match and only similiar style items...   Is there is value to these style dolls?

Doll heads are usually marked on the neck in back sometimes under the clothing. Value is determined by size, the taller the higher value. I checked eBay "solds" and values range from $4.00 to $16.00 USD.

Re jester dolls, Overseas United, Inc. is incorporated in Panama.  They import items from China.

Thanks for the info Tom!!  unfortunately  was unable to find any markings but the hat appears to be glued on and rather not damage the item.  

THank you again for taking the time!


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