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Cast Vintage or Antique Statue Depicting French Maid? Antique Store Find

Exquisite Old Statue Found an Antique Mall in Northern Virginia -- Made in France?

I visited an antique mall several months ago to visit an old friend whom I used to work with back in the 1980's. My friend was operating at booth in that mall and I didn't expect to find anything there since I already have way too many collectibles. When I followed her into her booth my eyes were captivated by this exquisite statue. I'd studied French in high school and later in college and for some reason this maid's costume spoke medieval French to me. It's not labeled and I've not yet seen anything quite like this but thought that someone might have a clue where this had been made. Her headware and clothing clearly looks more European than American but I'm certainly not an expert at medieval style women's wear. This lovely work of art measures just under 21 inches high. 
Enjoy, not for sale.

I couldn't remember whether I'd already posted photos and a description of this statue; I attempted to search for it by title and couldn't find it.  If I'd already posted this I apologize for reposting and I'll delete one of these posts if you can point me to the prior one.

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Image result for Renaissance era praying Italian princess plaster bustThis is all I have found thus far.  It is a Renaissance era Italian princess.

Thank you; this looks very similar.  I believed that I'd created this same post on this site and hadn't searched for other similar sculptures.

Image result for Antique plaster young french woman in prayer renaissance BUSTImage result for Antique plaster young french virgin mary in prayer renaissance BUSTImage result for Antique young virgin in prayer BUSTRelated image

I have looked at a lot of busts of young french girls/women in prayer and all of the ones that have the same facial features and softness of yours are all done in the likeness of the Virgin Mary or the Madonna.

Thank you for looking at my post and these pictures; it was very good fortune for me to visit my friend at her booth in a nearby antiques shop.  I hadn't gone there looking to purchase anything but simply to visit her.  If you look at this sculpture it has several wear defects but when I look at it I see only the beauty of the girl and the talent of the artist who made this.  I didn't purchase this in order to resell it at a higher price; I just had to own it and enjoy having it in my life.  My friend has since ceased selling in that store so I was doubly luck to find this before she'd closed down her booth.


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