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Here are close ups of the marks on the cased vases.  As you can see from the  tape attached, that is as focused as we can get.

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Do you have photo's of your vase? That would be helpful?

She has two separate threads going.  Look for the same title with a ? and you will see the vases.

Here you go

Oh, I see, thank you Molly! To our OP, It's best not to run multiple posts on the same item. If your new here, that's understandable, but please delete one of the posts so that things won't get scattered and confusing.

I'd say your vases are not "Cased". They appear to be Opaque blue, some would say Blue milk glass. And they have pretty, hand painted enameled decoration - is that about right?

Now, as to your marking, is it a single Letter? If you just tell us what letter is there, that would be best, as those pictures really are not legible.

Most vases like yours date from the Victorian era. Ca. 1850 - 1910 ish. Value is mainly based on condition and maker. The most prominent makers here in USA were the Boston and Sandwich company. England was first in creating beautiful glass in this category with Thomas Webb and co. being one of the best know makers of that time. 

I'll leave you with a definition for cased glass, and hopefully I got you going in the right direction, at least.                                                                                            Definition of cased glass. : "glass consisting of two or more fused layers of different colors often decorated by cutting so that the inner layers show through — called also case glass".

AND this is an excellent site for antique and vintage glass, to learn and to find answers for yours as well. Here is the link: http://www.20thcenturyglass.com/



The other mark:


The piece of tape is covering most of this mark in my first picture.  You can see some of it just beneath the tape. It's written at an angle and may be a name, and not a letter. It's smeared or out of focus.

look like Bristol

Thanks for the information. You are right on the decoration. They are raised and appear to have gold accents. Unfortunately, the picture on my second posting is as clear as the markings are. They look more like birds facing each other rather than a letter. Sorry for the double posting, but when someone asked for a close up picture of the markings, i couldn't figure out how to add it to my previous post. I will know better next time.

No Problem, everyone has a learning curve, for sure. If your marking is two birds, might it be two hawks? facing each other? If so, your vases are made by Hawkes glass - very good quality and antique American, USA glass.  Here is info on Hawkes: https://www.kovels.com/price-guide/glass-price-guide/hawkes.html

I have several of their cut glass AB (American Brilliant Period) pieces. Which I love! I've never seen a piece of their Opaque glass, and I wonder if it's a rarity, if this mark is yours?

Thanks again for the input. The "birds" on my piece are smeared,, the picture is not out of focus. that is what i making it so difficult to identify it. The same with the elongated S, the pictures are as sharp as they can get. I will just keep on researching, I plan to keep them and was just hoping to identify them for my children.
Hi The marks on the vase are "smeared". The pictures are as sharp as they can get.

Toni, please terminate your other post, the one with 3 replies.

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