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Really well done. As you can see it has  lots of marks.

Any info at all is appreciated. I am not surprised that I have not been able to findd anything remotely similar in periodic searches over the years.

5 1/2" x 3 1/2" x 2 1/2" h.

Since I'm here I'll throw in the bronze figurine @ 15"h. Wood base

Tibet/Thai? Looks old as the hills.

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Are you able to supply an extremely up close shot of just the writing, in as sharp focus as possible?  It's too hard to identify the writing at such a small size and not in focus.

Your Thai statue is of Kinnara, half-human half-bird (South-East Asia), or in India is half-human half-horse.

Here is a link to a lot more information on Wikipedia.

Image result for kinnara

Lastly, I should also point out, it is the way of this forum to post a separate discussion for each separate item.  It avoids confusion as to which item is being referred to, without having to make mention of which item the reply is intended to relate to for each reply we make.

Not quite as intricate as yours, but take a look at the prices these items are commanding...at least on this site.

Molly, keep in mind that your link is for an 18th century piece. So far we have absolutely no idea how old the OP's is. And no reason to expect it to be anywhere near that old or valuable. Asian pieces have been extensively reproduced and still are.

Michael's advice to show decent pictures so the writing can be interpreted is a good start.

First of all I extend my thanks to the ID'ing of the South East Asian figurine.


as to the turtle, I hope that these 2 views are helpful.

From a turtle perspective....could it be a turle emerging from its egg?


That is what it looks like...but a MEAN looking turtle.  

In regards to my link, I thought I provided a disclaimer by saying it was just the one site, but I was just looking for pieces that resembled yours in terms of the shape, size and stone used.

Sure, but my point was that an 18th century piece will be a lot of money on *any* site, and not just that one site. The relevant question is how old the piece is, and to me the piece and the writing in particular do not look very old, certainly not 18th century. That is my opinion. Maybe Michael will be able to decipher some of the writing and that may indicate approximately when it was made.

When you look for comparables, you should include the age of the item, because that is often the primary determinate of whether it is actually comparable or not.

I think the problem we have here is we don't know who made this or when, therefore can't assign an appropriate value to the item.  Clearly, the design idea is not unique, has been created and recreated on more than one occasion, with variations I might add, from various different types of rock.

Unfortunately, I myself have found the written text too difficult to read, as handwritten characters like these are often difficult to read, unless you've grown up learning the written language forms, which I have not.  I came to learning other languages much later, and still to this day find viewing the handwritten forms challenging at times. I can see though, from these additional examples below that the words written there are different.

I can say that in the Chinese culture turtles represent wisdom, endurance, wealth, longevity and long life.  Due to their close association with ongoing life, coupled with the belief in the afterlife  and the spirits living on after death, they often are used in burial ceremonies.  This could mean these carved turtles have prayers to the departed.  Of course, that part is purely speculative at this stage, and do hope someone can read the text for us.

There is nothing specific in this next item's eBay description online which explains their asking price, other than their statement of "....one of the most amazing Chinese works of art I have come across."  Likewise with others further down the page, the mention seeing the writing but have no idea what it says. 

eBay - US $1,230.00 - asking price


www.cottoneauctions.com - $100-$200 Asking price

eBay - £400

eBay - £850

I thank you for all the trouble and effort you took when looking into this.

After my post I did find the one that is "yellow" in color.  As it seems ours may have a bit more markings and perhaps a tad more intricate. I am a bit surprised that I did not findd at least one more of the others listed on Ebay.

In any event, I do thank you very much for all the help.

Jackie @antyques



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