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Hey everybody!  I was wondering if anyone reconizes this Homer Laughlin pattern?  I picked it up at a yard sale with some other pieces for ten cents!  I spent awhile looking for the pattern at Replacements and also on Ebay.  It has gold on the sides and down the handle.  Any idea would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! 

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The company is still in business and you may find the pattern on their web site. If not contact them and they may help you with it. I don't have the web address any more but they helped me with mine.
HLC is marked on the bottom. Do you have a picture of it? There is a date code and plant code as well.
Frank- Their website has about 1000 patterns, I tried finding it on there...maybe I will try contacting them! Thanks!
Tom- Here is the picture of the bottom!

Addendum, Virginia Rose is a well-known HLC pattern with hundreds of different themes. VR as it is abbreviated did not make its' appearance until 1933. Therefore you know it IS NOT VR. Also, I can't figure out which plant was # L. as they were numbered 1-6. The only connection I find is that Plant #1 was known as the Laughlin plant.
This looks to be the Republic - not sure though alittle hard to tell from picture. Of course Republic is the shape and not the pattern. HLC had so many patterns that alot of them are known by a number and not a specific name. Also many patterns were shown on alot of different shapes. Go to Replacements, Homer Laughlin, look at VR105 (the pattern is shown on the Virginia Rose shape) see if that is similar to what you have.

I have this site helpful sometimes in trying to determine HLC shapes http://www.robbinsnest.com/homer-laughlin-china/republic/
Thanks for your help! I did some more investigating and couldn't find the exact pattern. The sites you guys gave me were great and definitely helped a bit! Thanks again.


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