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I picked this up at the local boot sale this Sunday and I know it's a long way from being an antique but itsi definitely a collectable! I've found that it cost a fortune new and was top end professional kit back in 1995, unfortunately I've hit a brick wall in trying to get a charger for it. There's one for sale on eBay for £3200 but that seems crazy, it's serial number is 0249 and they only made 1000 of all 3 variations (black and white, colour amd infra red) this one is the more expensive colour variant. Any ideas of it's real value?

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It looks like the entire package is around the price you quoted above.  It is in the Canon Camera Museum, already.  Not many to be found.

Thanks Molly, I found the price hard to believe! I paid £25 for it so It may well be the bargain of the year. The Nikon DSC400 series was also a Kodak collaboration and used the same multi-purpose 7 pin DIN mini charger and many more of them were made so fingers crossed I find a charger for it, £14,000 in June 1995 and it was superceded in December of the same year so there probably are only a few still in existence.

That must be one HECK of a camera for that price!

Top end professional camera equipment is eye wateringly expensive, the canon CN-E30 lens is about £32,000!!

The DCS-3c (color) was Canon-Kodak's first digital camera. It retailed (are you sitting down?) for $16,000.00* USD.The battery pack was included.  If I read it right I think you could recharge it with your Mac or PC; wiring was provided. Battery was good for 1,000 pics. A battery charger was included. It came out in 1995. At the time it was "top of the line". Today, it's a dinosaur!

It had 3 models, 3m (monochrome-black & white), 3 IR (infra-red).

If I were you, I'd forget about fixing it. Sell it without the charger; let the buyer obtain one. Get your $25.00 back and move on to something else. Your re-sell market is dismal; nobody wants an expensive dinosaur that doesn't work, and the museums already have one which was donated.

This is my opinion; time is money. READ all of the following info before you decide. It's quite in depth and may help you decide. http://www.bobatkins.com/photography/eosfaq/EOSDCS.HTM

*Last sentence of link.

A good friend of mine (who has a degree in electronics) powered it up for me today and it seems to be working perfectly, I've also been chatting online with a guy in Canada and it should be fairly easy to process the digital files I just need to use my brother's old Mac (he never throws anything away) and I'm looking forward to taking some pictures. On the value side I really have to disagree Tom, old high end tech equipment is becoming highly collectible, even some early mobile phones fetching hundreds of pounds and late 70's computer's can fetch thousands. This camera was the top of the range model in it's day and is extremely rare and that equals value. I'm not convinced of the $3,200 price tag on what appears to be the only one for sale in the world  but it's fair to say its rather more than £25!

And I say GO HANNAH!  I totally agree.   If it is in a museum?  It is probably priceless, anyway!

I buy to resell, but I see you're a collector. So we have different thoughts on this camera.  If you want to spend $3,225 for something that you need an electrical engineer to operate and a borrowed Mac to run be my guest!

Canon makes a great camera. I own a Canon Power Shot A810. Cost under $150.

I'm somewhere between the two of you. I agree with Tom that the only market for this is someone who collects old cameras. It has no value to take pictures, so to the average buyer it has no value. And I disagree with Molly - it is in the Canon company museum, which is a VIRTUAL museum, i.e. online only. Its purpose is to showcase the long history of Canon photo equipment to help entice online buyers of their new equipment. It wouldn't surprise me if they also have a camera or two somewhere in their manufacturing center, but the fact that it is in a virtual museum hardly makes it "priceless".

That said there certainly are collectors of old tech, and I'm sure you can find a buyer for it. But most collectors of old tech already have a lot of stuff and are not big spenders - they find their stuff free or cheap at yard sales (for example: https://photography-on-the.net/forum/showthread.php?t=553486 ) because there is a lot of this stuff out there that has no appeal for the average user. I see a lot of really nice and expensive-when-new old film photo equipment being thrown away because there is just too little demand.

So it will be interesting to see how much you can get out of this. I would guess not much more than the price of a decent camera like Tom's new Canon. But by all means keep us updated and let us know, and good luck.

Thank you all for your kind replies, I've been given the old mac and my friend Mark has made a charger that works, my main camera is a Nikon D90 with a variety of lenses, getting on but still a great camera, and the old 35mm F2A with the 50mm f/1.4 lens is still superb it just works out a bit costly. Lot's of people still enjoy using older camera equipment particularly the pro stuff that most of us couldn't have dreamed of affording at the time and I'm genuinely thrilled to own such a piece of photographic history. 


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