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I am curious what these are too Michael and Thanks again. They almost look like candle stick holders

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They could be, but they do appear quite shallow.  The candles would not be supported much in order to stand upright.  They also do not appear to have vertical internal sides, which would commonly be expected if they were designed with tea light candles in mind.

I know I used to melt a little candle wax on a flat plate even at times in order to get a candle to stick and stand upright, but it would be quite unsafe and certainly less stable than a properly fitting candle holder.

The Thistle is the National Flower of Scotland. Without knowing the dimensions it's not possible to ID their use. What Michael says is true, but maybe they're for votive candles and if so then they would be supported.


PS: If you want Michael to help you send him a Message.  Otherwise do not specify that a Post is for a specific individual as you have recently started doing.

I totally didn't think of the much shorter votive candle, they are more tapered than the tea light candle and could indeed potentially fit without the need for additional height aorund the edges for support.

Very nice thought Tom.

I agree we need further information, dimensions certainly do help and should be supplied for every new item being posted for scrutiny.

These, if candle holders, are not likely to be the kind one would be carrying around with them as they moved through the house as there is no handle, nor simple method for picking it up once put down, whilst still keeping the candle level and not spilling wax over the edge.  As the candle burns down, there is also no method for collecting the dripping wax, assuming these were not made after the invention of dripless candles.


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