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Both came from a Collection of Springfield Trapdoor and Enfield Parts.

Firing Pin is like a Winchester but not?

other Part is some king of military Wrench or tool

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Firing Pin is 4 19/32 long...

Wow... anyone ?


I gave the info to a guy at the Midwest Tool Collection Society because I could not find anything.  He has not responded as of yet.

Too many guns and too many gun parts.  Most firing pins are pointed, yours appears to be blunt. I'd guess it's from a bolt action rifle. You can go on-line, ask your  search engine for "Winchester rifle schematics" or any rifle and click "Images" then look at the thousands of parts and maybe you can find it.

I've never seen anything measured in 32nds of an inch. Probably measured in metric system.

Thank you All for the Info..


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