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Can anyone identify this vintage pin? 10k filled, Solar with aviation wings and the sun...

Someone said maybe Solar Lodge, which is a weird club, i'm not sure what their logo is and cannot really find it anywhere. 

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"Winged disk" is an ancient Lydian symbol.  Its meaning is unknown. 10k gold filled is not good gold. It has less value than gold plated. No melt value. "Solar" is sometimes associated with nudist clubs.

Oh, I wasn't going to melt it or anything, I wasn't saying that to say I had a big piece of gold, I was just trying to describe it. lol Thanks for the info.

where would they pin it Tom?

BikerBonnie, On their Harley....took me a minute to get your joke.  Love it. I wonder if anybody else will "get it"???

I was just explaining what "gold filled" is; didn't mean to suggest that you had thoughts about melting it.

"Melt Value" is part of appraising gold, which is why I said there was no value. 

I wasn't wanting an appraisal on the gold, I was just wanting to know what this pin was from.  The solar, the fact that it was gold filled, and the logo on it, I was hoping might trigger someone's knowledge bank.



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