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2 Packards and an Olds perhaps. Top could be Deusey which were all custom bodied anyway but the red pentagram in the hubs are characteristic of Packs.


"I belive the first two are Dusenberg's, but I'm unsure as to the m..."

'2 Packards and an Olds(mobile) perhaps. Top could be Deusey(Deusenberg) which were all custom bodied anyway but the red pentagram in the hubs(caps) are characteristic of Packs.' (Packards) Packard Hubcaps | Wire Wheel Hubcaps

Please pardon my ignorance for I know nothing about vintage cars.

Isn't the Deusenberg car company different than the Packard car company ?

The photographer who took these photos wrote Deusenberg on the back.

I was hoping for someone to confirm and tell me which model Deusenberg they were.

BTW There is no writing on the back of the other photo that indicates what make/model that car is.

Thank you for your help resolving this mystery

Production summary[edit]

Name Years of production Units made
Model A 1921–1927 ~650
Model X 1926–27 13
Model Y (model J prototype) 1927 1
Model J (including SJ, SSJ, JN & SJN) 1929–37, SJ: (1932–37), SSJ: (1935), JN & SJN: (1935) Total: 481, SJ(36), SSJ (2), JN & SJN (10)


Duesenberg filed bankruptcy in 1928. Cord bought the company from the BK court and concentrated on the luxury lines. I believe you have a 1930 "Duzzy" Model J Town Car Limosine missing the radiator cap.

1930 Duesenberg Model J Pics & Information

The convertible has Duzzy lines and wheels but I think is from the 20s.

sorry Tom for forgetting the rules.

There's another rule not mentioned, One (1) item per post. You have 3 different cars; each requires a separate post.  Reason, with multiple items you or we have to ID which car we are discussing each time we write about it. Very confusing.  Also, multiple items are akin to "laundry lists" which takes advantage of our generosity and FREE info.

I can definitely see what you mean when I posted 3 items in one post.

I sometimes get excited when I find something cool that I need help with.

Not a clue about the horseless carriage in the bottom pic but that oval badge in front would reveal the maker if it can be zoomed in upon.

I have no background on these black and white photos other than they are of old cars.

They measure approximately 8" x 10"

Can anyone identify the make/model of the car in this picture ?

I zoomed in as best I could on the oval badge, but it's still very blurry.


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