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I recently purchased these two vases at an antique shop.  They look like they are made of some form of pottery.  The vases measure approximately 7-1/2” tall.  They are quite colorful and beautifully detailed in design.  Both are numbered on the bottom and are marked with what appears to be an impressed urn or vase with letters (?) in it.  The letters inside the urn mark are not percise enough for us to distinguish and there is a large amount of surface crazing that make the marks even more difficult to decipher. 

We would like to identify the manufacturer and the approximate age of these two pieces.  However, since we cannot make out the lettering all that we have to go on is the outline of the urn/vase mark.  Unfortunately, we cannot find this specific mark in any of the books that we have on pottery and porcelain marks, or locate it anywhere on-line. 

Therefore, can anyone out there please help us discover the identity of the maker? 


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If you can take a nice closeup of the mark coming in at an angle you'll sometimes find details can come out.  Worth a try.

Thank you very much for your input.  As you can see by the other replies, I am gaining quite a bit of knowledge in the field of pottery!


Linda Pahl

hi i think its japanese - possibly had a sticker in the indentation - could be lustreware maybe a little retro japaese liked birds and cherry blossoms (but the birds are not usually the ones they used) not exact record of japanese makers marks either- maybe someone else can help more

just my opinions thanks kath

Website for this image

Mid century wall pocket vase blue luster ware lusterware JAPAN 1950s bird ...

Mid century wall pocket vase blue luster ware lusterware JAPAN 1950s bird art pottery


gotheborg.com has a similar mark - but states ?1950's, unidentified mark!! Not much help was it!!!!!

I went out on the link you attached in your reply and looked at the 1950's mark.  It was not the same.  However, for future reference, I added the site to "my favorites" on my computer. It has quite a bit of good information in it and should prove useful in the future! 

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to my inquiry.


Linda Pahl

By the way, what book(s) would you recommend for purchase to identify porcelain?  Or should I just look on line?




Thank you very much for your help.

Hi Linda, You certainly do have a mystery there. I've got a few ideas for you though.

First, I don't think these are Asian at all. The Asian's simply don't mark their pottery in this way.

Far more likely that they are English, American, French or German/Austrian. The crazing tells us that they are pottery, and white clay is a sign of quality. The only exception to that is if the white looks to be applied - painted on - if that is the case, it would be Faience - which would point to France, most likely anyway.

I also think they are quite old. The Asian styles have come in and out of fashion in many different era's, but I'm going to guess late Victorian. There is no country of origin marking - at least we don't think so. Which would make them old - before 1910 in any case.

If you take some pencil lead or graphite and rub it into that mark, you may be able to see what is there. You can also try a rubbing - paper over mark, rub with pencil and see what you get.

I only find one Urn mark that is close to your shape. Not for sure on this at all, but here goes. It has the same or similar shape as yours does and inside are symbolic/stylized style letters in the center that look like E c and an upside down A. It's the mark for American Edgerton Art Clay Works, Edgerton, WI. which was in business from 1892 - 1903.

Now, I've got a question for you - do you think the painting on there is all hand done? Look with a magnifying glass really close, and do you see brush marks? If it's all hand painted, then we can be sure it's quite old.

Let us know what you find, and keep us posted! I love a good mystery - but a solved one is even better! :)

I did what you suggested and looked at the painting on the vases under a magnifying glass (had my husband look to) and we have both concluded that they are hand painted with spatter (airbrush (?)) in some places. 


I already tried to rub the marks inside the urn shape using a pencil and still could not distinguish them. I will get some tissue paper and try a rubbing next.  I also went on-line and researched the American Edgerton Art Clay Works, etc.   Quite interesting pottery history.  We live in Iowa (and are retired) so a visit to that area of Wisconsin would make a nice day trip!  I think that we will do that as soon as the weather clears.  We will take the vases with us, visit some pottery museums in the area and see what we can find out.  Of course, I will let you know the outcome.


Thank you very much for your help.


Linda Pahl




I w     

vicky thats is fantastic i think i need glasses as i could not see anything in that impression now i made it bigger looks like there are no.s as well as letters i think? looks like a C if that helps

thanks vicki my eyes are not good enough to see but maybe someone else can

thanks kath

try aesthetic oriental in a search. 


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