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these items were found in my grand mother garden, they were in a box

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 Can anyone help to identify these items


The image called 'thumbnail_20171025_172613[1].jpg' when enhanced in photoshop, looks like it depicts a male human head.

The image called 'thumbnail_20171025_172636[1].jpg' when enhanced in photoshop, looks like it depicts a horse head.

As an example of a similar coin from antiquity, an ancient Greek bronze coin Ancient Greece - Carthage, c. 246 BC with Persephone on one side and a Horse Head on the other.  Very similar in layout an a similar style of horse.

I would just like to point out, I am not saying your coin is one of these coins, only that there certainly are similarities and I wouldn't rule out the possibility that you could have a rather old coin.

Whilst there are similarities in these two coins, there are also discrepancies in the persons hairlines and the horses mane. However, these can also be explained by the extreme wear of the 'coins' over time.

Uncertain here I'm afraid.  First thing that comes to mind for me is possibly some sort of cast metal chess set pieces.

Image result for bronze antique noblemen chinese gods

SO there are the 3 Chinese Wise

men or gods

Image result for BRONZE chinese 3 gods

And then the 3 Western Saints of Buddhism...

If having 3 is not a coincidence, this is what came to me first.

Obviously these are much more ornate, and they have distinguishing features in what they carry, what they represent, and so on...but the ones she had could have been handmade or just designed more simplistically.  Just a Tuesday morning semi-educated guess.


how many are there?  "these" doesn't say. Chess pieces require 32 pcs.

how big are they?  Tile comes in 4", 6", 8", 12" and 24" squares. Being on tile doesn't help.

What are they made of?

The round things, what is their diameter, and made of?  If dirty, wash off. DO NOT USE SOAP or POLISH. They look like old coins. I assume they were found in Belgium? Some old coins are worth lots of money.

I bought an old, 1697, Belgie silver dollar for $5.00 USD. Sold it for $600.

Take to someone whom deals  in coins and tokens. I would not clean them or do anything to them till and expert looked them over. 


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