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can anyone help me with an artist signature, I see a "K". but there are other symbols

they are all on rocks/geodes

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What do the bar code price tags say on them?

The man with the "Wrangler" shirt appears to be painting the yellow bird.  That would make him the artist. What is his name?

he is friend of mine, whom I am helping recognize name on stones, his booth tags on stones

Tom, what you observed to be a paintbrush is just a crack in the stone, which can be seen in the closeup photo.  The person next to the man in the Wrangler t-shirt is likely holding a brown coloured phone, taking a photo from the front, as you can see there is some spot light illumination going on behind the stone there, likely from the flash.

I do recognise the yellow and black finch though as an Evening Grosbeak.

: )

so....Evening Grosbeak, is of NW, perhaps, Rocky Mountains, perhaps Indian artist.....

She don't look like no Indian I ever seened. Name is Karen Halt. See link.


Yep, that's her, the same signature and everything.  Funny, I did think of the signature being HALT, but nothing substantial came up in my google search.  Granted, I was a little pressed for time the other day when having a look.

Nice find Tom. :)

Just got this message, Tom.  For REal! How incredible, I have been searching like crazy.  Right, don't look native american to me either. Hopefully, I can go from here, want to see her signature, Thanks so much!

Scroll down to picture, click on pic when it opens.

Lady riding on stork, signature in lower left corner.  K.HALT


I read that she is self taught in 60's, I think it was the 80's she got way imaginative. Makes me think the rocks are early work.  My friend may have me sell for him. I would sell individually, maybe start price approx 200


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