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I'd really appreciate please if anyone can help identify this flask's origin and any other details about it & it's possible value.  I realise it's not going to be of any great value, but I'd love to know more about it.   I've put three photo's here to hopefully help.

It's a metal flask (pewter-ish colour) 8"high, 4" wide & approx. 1 3/4" deep.

It's presumably either 'cast' or machine tooled (??) as it has some thin seams visible & very square precise edges.

I've had it for the last 20 years.

It looks like it's designed to hold either anointing oil or holy water, judging by the religious Icon decoration.  It seems to look more Greek/Russian Orthodox than Roman Catholic - but obviously I might be wrong.

There are two hallmarks on the base - one a flower symbol & one 'cartouche' style mark that I can't fathom out the letters inside.

On the left hand side of the head of the 'Madonna' type figure there are the letters HP in the pattern.

The decorative top unscrew to reveal a tiny hole (as per pic), but that can be unscrewed to allow easy filling.

Many thanks :-)

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I did a bunch of searching and I cannot find anything yet. It looks like the stamp on the bottom is the letters TAY or JAY. The last letter is hard to tell. Or the last letter is an E?

I will have to dig out my antique books.

Hi David, Thanks for trying, I'm coming up blank. No replies from Churches, and internet not showing anything similar.  Someone suggested I try using a colour filter on photo of hallmark to see if it makes it any clearer. So I'm uploading two pics. Don't know if you'll be able to see the letter any better. Really appreciate your help. Thank you


The art looks similar to what I've seen at Russian Orthodox churches. You might look up one and ask them. It's a very curious piece. I'll be interested to hear the results if you learn what it is.

Thank you. I appreciate the nudge in that direction, I hadn't thought of contacting a church. Yes I'll post here if I find out anything :-)

Some close ups of lettering x


Probably not a flask for the priest to take a snort. My guess it was used during a funeral mass when the priest sprinkles some holy water on the casket. You can also see one in the movie The Exorcist when they sprinkled holy water on the possessed girl. May want to take it to your local Catholic Church and ask the clergy there. They would also have tons of books on the subject. Good Luck


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