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                                                     Cahill Oval Roaster with Trivet

Cahill Iron Works - Chattanooga TN is the company that made this roaster.

The markings:  Above the handle on the top of the lid is No 9 below the 9 is the name CAHILL. Below the handle near the bottom is OVAL under OVAL is ROASTER under roaster is 139. On the inside of the lid is the number 9. On the bottom of the roaster near the top is 139 and just below the 139 is CAHILL incased in a sideways diamond. The roaster is 20 ¾ inches long from handle to handle. It’s 13 ½ inches wide by 6 ½ inches deep. The Trivet is 13 inches long by 8 ¼ inches wide. At the top it has the number 7 and just below the 7it has OVAL ROASTER TRIVET and at the bottom I’m just not sure. A friend of mine has a junk business and from time to time I would help him clean out old barns, storage buildings, houses, and garages. I found the roaster in an old storage building we cleaned out. I have acquired many old pieces doing this. For those who might be thinking, they would like to do that, I also came across many snakes. Both large, and small, and poisonous, and non-poisonous. Many kinds of varmints, hornets, spiders, smells. Not to mention the 100-degree heat, and the freezing cold.  However, I still enjoyed the hunt for old treasures. I would appreciate any information you might have on this item, and the company, that would help me determine the date it was made. Thanks in advance,

Greg Mattox  

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Hi Tom, Thanks. Yes the link you have is the one I was trying to send. In that link you said " In 1892 Cahill incorporated and their logo changed." from the CAHILL in-cased in a side way diamond. I was wondering where you got that information? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks again for your time and, knowledge and, willingness to share.


Four years ago is too long to remember details. Here is Cahill's bio. It answers your question.

Thanks Tom, for all your help. This gives me a great starting point.



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