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Trying to find out value and age if this bust. It is 13 inches wide and 10 inches tall. It has tag NEW ART WEARS on bottom and also a very faint store tag that I can't read. I appreciate any help. I've seen examples on line, but values and what it is seem all over the place.

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I see your problem, same girl, different makers, ages estimated from 1930s to 1970s, lots of guesses going on. It appears like "she" first was made in Italy as a bookend along with a little boy reading a book in the 1930s-50s. Her hair style looks more 1970s to me. Hard to say if she's chalkware or plaster or what. Average price for "her"  is around $C-30.00 (I think that's Canadian $$).

Yours appears to have been painted, then they tried to remove the paint, thereby making "her" worth less, maybe $5.00 USD, or less.

BTW, the tag reads NEW ART WARES.

Wow you think it's worth $5? Seriously? It is painted,  but no one took off paint. There are other examples of exact same paint and the department store tag on the bottom closed 70 yrs ago.

I'm not sure if you are trying to be nasty or not?

Sarah, YOU are supposed to provide details that you know when you make the orig post but YOU said you couldn't read the faint tag on the bottom. YOU didn't mention the blotching-looking paint, or finding others with the same paint job, or that the store (what store?) closed 70 years ago (1951?).  MY estimated age was between "1930s-1970s"...1951 is right on! The original sculpture was a bookend, not a bust. Somebody copied the original it appears.

I found one for sale or auction asking C-$30. I mentioned that too, but apparently you focused on the $5. value.

BTW, I spent close to 45 minutes seeking "NASTY, but FREE" answers to your post. "OR NOT".


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