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3.25 Dia Coin with Italian on Back.

Heavy Solid Brass Picked up From Traveler to Europe Decades ago

Can Someone Help Identify?

Thank You

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"il marito della cultura" = The husband of Culture...written in cursive....but I cannot find a picture of your guy.

I cannot read the other side of the coin.  Could you take a straight down shot of it?

Thank You Molly ..I will Add another Picture

I have seen several awards and medals which state "al merito della cultura"  "to the merit of culture" as an award given to those who have been a positive influence for their people and/or culture or for the public image of their people and/or culture.

Given the top smaller text looks like "tivista d'arte a di attualità" which, according to Google Translate, means "top-of-the-line artiste", it seems likely that this is a medal awarded to an artist who has created something or done something which has positively promoted or brought positive attention to their country or culture.

That is funny...merit, not husband  :0   close!   (The guy looks a bit Greek/Hipster)

...either way, I am glad YOU could read and translate the other side of the medal, but I am just curious to be able to look at it myself.  For instance, the middle portion looks like, maybe March 1st? And what is that symbol?  I guess I am really curious if seeing it in it's entirety will help me figure out exactly what I am looking at.

Yeah, I find many languages have words and even entire phrases which are like, not just Italian.

Change just one letter/character and it can drastically change the meaning.

merito = merit
marito = husband
merita = deserves
morite = dead

Here I hope is a Better Picture>?

Thanks for the Help Michael and Molly

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.

The middle text "mar gut lone"? doesn't translate very well to English, I believe I have misunderstood the spelling, and I've no idea what the symbol represents either.



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